Teaching cognitive modelling with COGENT

Mike Ramscar & Richard Young

COGENT has now been used (by Ramscar) in the Department of Artificial Intelligence, University of Edinburgh, for three successive years to introduce students to practical issues related to cognitive modelling. Last year it was also used (by Young) in the Psychology Department of the University of Hertfordshire to teach modelling to second year cognitive science students.

Each author will introduce the background of his course and students (what they know in advance, and what they try to teach them!) before discussing 1) some models created by the students in the course of their practical assignments and 2) COGENT's ``features'' (both good and bad) which influenced the teaching. Ramscar's models are based on developmental aspects of memory (as discussed at previous workshops by Sofi Barreau, John Morton, and Philip Beaman). Young's models are based on the Young & O'Shea (1981) subtraction task (see previous talk).

The Young and O'Shea subtraction model Workshop 3 Plans and priorities