Peter Yule

The field of Cognitive Modelling suffers from a lack of accessibility; outsiders rarely have the opportunity to interact directly with models, and if they do, usually this involves obtaining, installing and possibly paying for specialist software. The considerable difficulties involved in this make it unlikely that many people will ever directly encounter most models.

WebCOGENT attempts to address this difficulty, by making a runtime version of the COGENT modelling system available to the public on the World Wide Web. No specialist software is required, only the Netscape Navigator 4 browser, which is already widely available. In principle, any COGENT model can be made publicly available using the WebCOGENT system.

WebCOGENT is implemented as a client-server system, utilising Prolog on the server side, and Javascript on the client.

WebCOGENT allows users to:

  1. view program code and settings;
  2. interactively modify box properties and input data;
  3. execute a model; and
  4. step through a run of the model, viewing the changing box contents and message lists.

The url for WebCOGENT is http://www.psyc.bbk.ac.uk/staff/pgy/webcogent/

Currently, it requires Netscape Navigator 4 (Communicator) or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4. The main page links to a troubleshooting page which details required settings.

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