The 2nd COGENT Workshop: Report

The 2nd COGENT workshop was held on December 9th, 1997 in the Old Refectory, Birkbeck College. The workshop consisted of a number of talks describing a variety of models currently being developed within the COGENT environment. Some technical talks were also included. The main workshop ran from 2pm to 6pm (including refreshments breaks), and was preceeded by a `hands-on' COGENT tutorial. The aim of the tutorial was to familiarise new and potential users with the environment, so that they could benefit maximally from the afternoon talks. The tutorial ran from 10:30am until 1:00pm.


Morning Session: Tutorial

10:00am -- 10:30am: Pre-tutorial coffee and biscuits

10:30am -- 1:00pm: Hands-on tutorial

Afternoon Session: Workshop

2:00pm -- 4:05pm: Session 1: Models

2:00 -- 2:05: Richard Cooper: Introduction: The last 12 months
2:05 -- 2:35: John Fox: Learning to make decisions under uncertainty:
The contribution of qualitative reasoning
2:30 -- 3:05: Richard Cooper: Integrating interactive activation into COGENT
3:05 -- 3:35: C. Philip Beaman &
John Morton:
Modelling child memory
3.35 -- 4:05: Peter Yule: Bayesian models of medical diagnosis

4:05pm -- 4:30pm: Break: Tea and biscuits

4:30pm -- 6:00pm: Session 2: COGENT in the wider world

4:30 -- 5:00: Mike Ramscar: Teaching cognitive modelling with COGENT
5:00 -- 5:30: David Sutton: WinCOGENT
5:30 -- 6:00: Peter Yule: WebCOGENT

6pm: Reconvene in The Lord John Russell

© The COGENT Group, 1997