The 1st COGENT Workshop: Report

The 1st COGENT workshop was held in Room 514, Department of Psychology, Birkbeck College, London WC1E 7HX on the afternoon of December 10th, 1996. The purpose of the workshop was twofold:

We (the COGENT development group) were particularly interested in three issues: Speakers were encouraged to use these issues to orient their talk. Ideally we wanted to hear presentations that had something interesting to say about both cognitive psychology and COGENT.

Final Timetable

Session 1: 2:00pm -- 3:40pm

2:00 -- 2:20: John Fox: COGENT: Real Science or Just Technology?
2:20 -- 2:40: Richard Cooper: Competence Models, Performance Factors
& Computational Experiments
2:40 -- 3:00: Mark Ennis &
Alistair Sutcliffe:
Cognitive Models in IR:
Predicting Task Support for Users' Needs
3.00 -- 3:20: Peter Yule: Specialised Buffers: "Mental Imagery"
3:20 -- 3:40: John Fox: Processing versus Epistemic Models

Break: 3:40pm -- 4:00pm (Tea and Biscuits)

Session 2: 4:00pm -- 5:40pm

4:00 -- 4:20: John Morton: COGENT and Kinaesthetics
4:20 -- 4:40: Sofi Barreau: Children's Creation of Memory Records
4:40 -- 5:00: David Sutton: COGENT for Windows
5:00 -- 5:40: Tim Shallice: Discussion

6pm: Reconvene in The Lord John Russell

© The COGENT Group, 1997