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What COGENT is

COGENT is a graphical environment for computational modelling of cognitive processes. It provides an integrated set of tools which allow computational models based on box/arrow diagrams to be drawn, fleshed out, and executed. COGENT also provides facilities for maintaining research programmes and for conducting computational experiments. A research programme consists of multiple (related) models. A computational experiment involves the monte carlo style execution of a model for multiple blocks of trials.

Although COGENT is primarily suited to symbolic modelling, interactive activation models have been implemented within the environment, and some basic functionality for simple connectionist modelling is included.

What COGENT isn't

COGENT is not an architecture. It is not intended as a competitor for systems such as ACT-R or SOAR. As such, it imposes minimal constraints on modelling, and does not incorporate any specific learning mechanism. However, as an environment, COGENT provides facilities for implementing complete architectures or learning mechanisms within models of varying complexity.

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