ICCM 2007 COGENT Tutorial Materials

The tutorial materials consist of:

To work through the tutorial, you need to have a recent version of COGENT installed, with the tutorial stub model loaded.

You can load the tutorial stub model in two ways. Either install COGENT, start it up, and select the "View" menu and then the "CogWeb..." option from that menu. This should popup a new window that (if you are connected to the web) lets you examine and download selected archived COGENT models. In this new window, click the "Reload" button on the right hand side to download the index of available models. Once this is done, select Free Recall Tutorial from the list of "Contributed Research Programmes" and then hit the "Download" button. This should download the tutorial model and install it in the appropriate place on your machine. Alternatively, download the above, move it to your archive folder, and use the archive browser to restore the model. (If none of this makes sense, I'll bring an electronic copy of the model on a memory stick, and we should be able to install it in a minute before the tuturial starts.)

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