Project Management Tools

The COGENT environment includes tools for managing sets of models. The project manager provides a front-end to the model editor, and can be used to maintain a set of related models as a coherent unit, or project. When a project is opened by the project manager it is displayed in the form of a tree:

A snapshot of the project manager

Each node in a project tree corresponds to a separate model. Double-clicking on a node opens the model editor on the corresponding model. In general, models to the right are based on models to the left. Links in the tree show relations between successive versions of the same model. As can be seen from the figure, several versions of a model may be explored in parallel.

The project manager provides a range of facilities for version control on models (e.g., copying, archiving), as well as documentation support. Again, as can be seen from the figure above, the project manager includes a Description tab. This tab is attached to a simple text editor which allows the user to document the models within the project. (Description tabs are also provided on all model windows (i.e., on the main window associated with a model, and on each window associated with each component of the model).)

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