A Development Environment for Computational Modelling
in Cognitive Science and Cognitive Neuroscience

EPSRC Project GR/L03637
Summary Final Report

Principal Investigator: Dr. R. Cooper

Co-investigators: Prof. J. Fox & Prof. T. Shallice

Research Fellows: Dr. D. Sutton & Dr. P. Yule

The project was primarily concerned with the development, testing, and dissemination of COGENT, an object-oriented graphical environment for the implementation, evaluation and development of cognitive models. COGENT is now a reality. Over 350 copies of the software have been downloaded from our web site in the last 12 months, and it is being used as a teaching tool in several institutions across Europe. The original proposal listed four objectives:

  1. To develop a graphical environment for the computational modelling of cognitive processes;
  2. To develop a formal language corresponding to "box/arrow" diagrams as used in cognitive theorising;
  3. To demonstrate the utility of the environment by implementing two substantial computational models;
  4. To establish a user community for the environment

Three of the objectives were achieved in full, and significant progress was made on the fourth:

Future work will address three additional issues of scientific importance that arose during the course of the project. These relate to the methodology of cognitive modelling (and the use of coupled computational/laboratory research programmes), the cognitive processes underlying decision making under uncertainty (and the contribution of processing factors to decision making biases), and the generality of COGENT as a simulation tool (and the application of COGENT to domains as diverse as biological simulation and simulation of social cognition).

This project was funded by the EPSRC.

© The COGENT Group, 1999