What's New in WinCogent Version 1.02.06 (Wed May 5 1999)

  1. Fixed: In previous versions the last line of saved models was not being read correctly from disk, resulting in serious lose of data, rules, and occasionally even whole boxes.
  2. Fixed: The project manager was tripping up when models within a project had names including <CR>. Such model names are now ok.
  3. Fixed: The project manager was building incorrect file names for new models. Basically, the slash character between the project directory's name and the model's name was being left out, leading to models receiving long and silly filenames, and being placed in the directory above their intended location.
  4. Fixed: Pasting a box with current contents now no longer yields lots of "invalid clause in add_clause" errors. (Instead, current contents and messages are ignored when a box is pasted onto the canvas.)
  5. Modified: Scaling of analogue buffer contents (via the analogue buffer toolbar) is now more sensitive.
  6. Added: A couple more examples have been added to the distribution: the Tower of Hanoi and Missionaries and cannibals.

Previous Releases of WinCOGENT

Version 1.02.05 (Wed Feb 17 1999)

  1. Fixed: The correct editing window now opens when the user attempts to edit an element in a non-propositional buffer.
  2. Fixed: Model files containing lines with exactly 126 characters were causing COGENT to crash. This should not happen anymore.
  3. Fixed: Bug in natural log (an arithmetic subcondition).

Version 1.02.04 (Thu Dec 17 1998)

  1. Fixed: Memory leak in drawing analogue objects (introduced in Version 1.02.01).
  2. Modified: Compact mode is now more compact (without blank lines between items).
  3. Modified: Various widgets on the condition editor have been repositioned and renamed.

Version 1.02.03 (Thu Dec 10 1998)

  1. Fixed: Renaming a box no longer causes the window in which that box was displayed to be sent to the background.
  2. Fixed: The spin control used to change arity in the condition editor now works the "right" way, i.e. the up arrow increases the arity and the down arrow decreases it.

Version 1.02.02 (Wed Dec 9 1998)

  1. Fixed: Some missing tool-tips have been added. Others have been modified.
  2. Modified: All help files have been slightly updated.
  3. Modified: In the add condition menu, "New clause" has been changed to "New rule".
  4. Modified: The layout of the Run Options window has been modified, and the numeric widgets have been changed to only accept numeric input.

Version 1.02.01 (Mon Dec 7 1998)

  1. Modified: The order of drawing objects in an analogue buffer has been reversed to make it consistent with UNIX Cogent. Now newer analogue objects are drawn on top of old analogue objects.
  2. Modified: When new clauses in the condition editor are added they now default to having an empty sub-condition list (rather than a sub-condition list contain a single "call" predicate).
  3. Modified: The names of menu items relating to fonts have been altered, hopefully to make them a little more meaningful.
  4. Modified: Minor changes to tool tips (in both WinCogent and the ProjectManager).
  5. Modified: Copies of models made withinn the project manager are now suffixed with _N (rather than the potentially troublesome #N).
  6. Modified: The version of OOS used has been updated.

Version 1.02.00 (Mon Nov 30 1998)

  1. Fixed: A bug that occurred when the arity of a condition was changed has now been fixed.
  2. Added: The current cycle number, trial number, block number and subject number are now displayed in the status bar of each window in the format C<cycle no.> ; T <trial no.> (<number of trials per block>) ; B <block no.> ; S <subject no.>
  3. Added: Trace output can now be seen by using the View->Trace Output menu item. Note however that trace output is not saved when you save the model.
  4. Added: Secondary properties (fill, colour, line style and width) may now be specified for the objects that occur in analogue boxes.
  5. Removed: In analogue boxes a circle can no longer be displayed as filled simply by giving it the name "filled". You have to specify its secondary properties instead.

Version 1.01.00 (Wed Nov 18 1998)

  1. Fixed: A bug has been fixed which, in some circumstances, could cause the model editor to crash if a box was closed while its properties tab was open.
  2. Added: Networks, Stack Buffers, and Table Buffers have been introduced.
  3. Modified: When a new model is created the name of its top level box is, by default, "New Model".
  4. Modified: When a new box is added to a compound an edit box is displayed into which the user is invited to type a name for the new box. The name will be checked to ensure that it is unique within the model. (This, and the previous modification, were been made to encourage the user to name boxes.)
  5. Modified: The version of OOS used has been updated.
  6. Modified: The Properties tab for a box no longer displays the box's internal id.