Known Bugs in WinCOGENT 1.02.06

  1. It's possible to create malformed condition definitions by inserting subconditions when a condition isn't specified.
  2. It is not possible to create a send message to a stack.
  3. Pasting a box onto the canvas yields a copy of the box directly underneath the original and with the same name. As a result, there is no obvious sign that anything has happened. (The copy should have a slightly different name, and be offset a little.)
  4. Focus switches from the Run|Options window to the root window when the Run|Options window is closed. Instead, focus should revert to the window that was on top when the Run|Options window was opened.
  5. If I minimise a box, then open it from the box selector, the minimised box doesn't maximise, as it probably ought.
  6. Application icons continue to disappear when I upgrade.


  1. Numeric precision appears to be fixed at 10. It should be possible to set this by a property, and it should default to something more like 2 or 3.
  2. Closing a rule editor with the X on the top of the window seems to save the changes before closing. Closing a buffer editor in the same way doesn't appear to save the buffer element.
  3. Nowhere on a box does it give the box's class. Perhaps the first thing under the property tab could be un uneditable property such as: Class: Buffer/Analogue
  4. Help isn't context-sensitive. HTML system supports it, but WinCOGENT provides only one entry point.
  5. Table buffers use a different font from other buffers. Why?

What's Missing

  1. It is not possible to ignore/reinstate box elements (and it isn't possible to edit ignored elements either).
  2. Some script editor functionality
  3. User-defined properties
  4. Interactive activation networks
  5. Display updating is still unsatisfactory, and could be improved along the lines of unix COGENT, by monitoring file sizes.
  6. It would be nice to have right-button context menus in editors
  7. It would be nice to have a standalone binary oos, so as to remove the need for users to have pl installed.

SWI prolog bugs

  1. SWI prolog versions 2.9.4 - 3.1.1 inclusive are known to contain bugs which break OOS under various conditions. Avoid these versions of SWI. Use version 3.1.2 or later if possible.