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COGENT Version 2.1 Student/Professional Differences

COGENT Version 2.1 was available in two editions -- a Student Edition and a Professional Edition. The Student Edition was freely available to all, while the Professional Edition contained several additional features that we held back for "power" users. In COGENT Version 2.2 the two editions were merged, and a registration system introduced to control availability of the professional features. Currently registration is free to academic and non-commercial users and serves to provide us with minimal details of COGENT users, although this may change in the future. Please contact us to obtain a registration code.

For those using Version 2.1, the following features are available in the Professional Edition but not in the Student Edition:

COGENT Version 1/Version 2 Differences

Version 1 of COGENT consisted of separate systems for UNIX and Windows. There were several significant differences between the systems, and maintainability was difficult. (The two systems may have had different bugs, and both systems had to be tested independently.)

COGENT Version 2 addresses many of the difficulties of maintaining COGENT Version 1 by using a single code-base for both UNIX and Windows systems. Version 2 is a development of the UNIX version 1. It looks more like UNIX version 1, and it has more of the features of UNIX version 1 (but also some of the features of Windows version 1).


COGENT Version 1 is no longer supported. When it was, two flavours were available: Windows COGENT for machines running variants of the Windows operating system, and Unix COGENT for machines running certain varieties of Unix. The systems are similar (and model can be translated between them), but not identical. A comparison of the systems is available. In Version 2, a single code-base is used for all platforms. This means that cross-platform translation is much superior for Version 2.

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