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COGENT provides facilities for printing complete research programme, complete models, or any of a model's component boxes. The facility can be used to generate plain ASCII text files, nicely formatted PostScript files, or moderately well formatted HTML files.

To print a complete research programme select the research programme from the Research Programme Manager window and and on the Print... button on the window's File menu.

To print a complete model open the model (e.g., by double-clicking on its icon on the Diagrammatic History panel of the Research Programme Manager window) and select Print... from the File menu on the model's top-level window (i.e., its principal box/arrow editor window).

To print details of a specific box open the box and select Print... from the File menu on the main window associated with the box.

The details of individual boxes can also be printed by selecting Print... from the menu that appears when you right click over the desired box on a box/arrow editor. A variety of other parts of a model may also be printed (e.g., the output trace and the current contents of boxes). Print... buttons occur in a variety of contexts within COGENT, and all function through a couple of basic dialogue boxes as described below.

The Print Dialogue Window

Selecting Print... opens a new dialogue box which presents a number of options that control the format, layout and precise content of the printout, as shown in Figure 1:

Figure 1: The Printing Dialogue Window

The print dialogue consists of two regions. In the top are buttons and other widgets for selecting the print options. These are initialised with values taken from the user's printing preferences. At the bottom are two buttons which allow the user to either cancel the operation or go ahead with the printing.

Note: Where appropriate, the Print Dialogue window will be truncated. For example, when printing just the contents of a box, the options for Print new box on new page etc. will not be displayed.

Print Options

The items in the print dialogue, their values, and the resulting behaviour, are as follows:

The default options in the printing dialogue can be set using the print preferences panel, which has a similar layout to the main print dialogue shown above.

COGENT Version 2.3 Help