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Intellectual Precursors

COGENT developed out of a research project aimed at improving the tools and methodology of cognitive modelling. The underlying execution language is based on object-oriented extensions of the Sceptic programming language (Hajnal, Fox, & Krause, 1989; Cooper & Farringdon, 1993; Cooper, 1995; Cooper et al, 1996).


The user interface was coded by Richard Cooper. Peter Yule is responsible for the model execution system. Intellectual input and support was provided by John Fox.

David Sutton developed the first Windows implementation of COGENT (WinCOGENT). Although this has now been superseded by a unified Unix/Windows system, WinCOGENT served to introduce many users to the environment, and many ideas from the WinCOGENT interface have been incorporated into the unified system.

Third Party Software

COGENT makes use of several third party applications. We gratefully acknowledge:

Critical Users

Sofka Barreau, Philip Beaman, Fergus Bolger, Mark Ennis, Grant Miller, John Morton, Mike Ramscar and Richard Young all struggled with COGENT during its early days, and all provided constructive suggestions for improvement. We are particularly grateful for their patience.

Financial Support

The initial work on COGENT was carried out under JCI grant G9212530 ``A Specification Language for Cognitive Modelling'' (awarded to J. Fox and T. Shallice). Subsequent development work was funded by the EPSRC, grant GR/L03637 ``A Development Environment for Cognitive Science and Cognitive Neuroscience''. We are grateful for this support.

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COGENT Version 2.3 Help