COGENT Options


A number of minor aspects of the behaviour of COGENT can be tailored through the application's options. These specify, for example, when warning and confirmation errors should be printed, or how printouts should be formatted. There are five categories of options: directories; printing options; fonts; warnings & confirmations; and miscellaneous.

The Options Window provides an interface to COGENT's options. Through this window, options may be inspected or changed (either temporarily or permanently). The precise layout of the Options Window depends on which category of option is being displayed. In all cases, however, it consists of three regions. The top row gives the category name, with a menu button that allows other option categories to be displayed. Beneath this is a row of four buttons which allow various operations over the particular category of options being displayed. Beneath this, is a set of widgets which show the values of the particular options in the category under view and which allow those values to be altered. Any alterations take immediate effect, but such alterations will only be stored for future use if they are also saved (with the Save button). It is also possible to return to a user's default values for the current category of options with the Reload button. The Help button causes the appropriate version of this window to appear (a different version will appear for each category of option), and the Done button causes the Options Window to close.

File Locations

COGENT several different types of file: project/model files, print output files, import/export files, oos class files, script files, archive files, and help files. Each of these types of file may be stored in a different location. The locations are specified by five options specified under the File Locations section of the Options panel.

NOTE: Most COGENT options are saved as standard Xdefaults in the users .Xdefaults file. Directory paths are different because they relate to the machine on which COGENT is running, rather than the machine on which COGENT is displaying its output. As a result, COGENT stores directory paths in a different way: in a .cogentrc file in the user's home directory. If you don't have such a file, COGENT will create one for you, using default values for all the directory paths.

Printing Options

The Printing Options panel controls default settings for a number of options which govern the appearance and content of COGENT printouts. Note that a Print Options panel is also displayed when the print function is invoked. This subsidiary panel specified the options to be used for a particular printout, and allows default values specified in the main Printing Options panel to be over-ridden.

The Printing Options panel contains the following controls:

Font Options

The Font Options panel allows modification of some fonts used on COGENT's windows. Alternate fonts may be used to give COGENT a personalised look, or simply if something bigger or smaller is preferred. The available fonts may be accessed using the "Set" buttons on the font optiosn panel.

OOS Options

The COGENT execution engine (OOS) can be configured in a variety of ways. The following options are relevant:

Warnings & Confirmations

The COGENT interface is capable of generating lots of warning and confirmation messages which require action from the user. Many of these messages can be suppressed by setting the appropriate control of the Warnings & Confirmations panel.

Miscellaneous Options

A number of further options control other aspects of COGENT's operation.