Known Bugs in Version 2.2 #3

  1. Editing a box's properties doesn't always set the box's change flag. This is delayed until a "focus out" event for the relevant property's widget, but such events are not generated by hitting the run buttons, so changing a property and running the model may not save the model. We could fix this if hitting any of the run buttons was to generate a suitable focus out event.
  2. The "Import" feature, which allows code created within a text editor to be imported, does not handle /* */ style comments as it should.
  3. A few menus are incorrectly drawn on rare occasions. To see the bug, open a box and arrow diagram and then move the mouse over the "Done" button (being carefull that the cursor doesn't cross any other buttons on the top of the window). Now click (without releasing) and drag the mouse across the various buttons to the "Edit" button. A blank edit menu should appear. This is arguable a bug in the window interface toolkit (GTK+) rather than COGENT, but still it wouldbe nice if it didn't happen.
  4. Extraction of TAR and TGZ format archives can be confused if the name of the archive is changed before it is extracted. This bug only affects the UNIX version: TAR and TGZ formats are not available on Windows COGENT.
  5. Resources are not always released properly on the Windows version of COGENT when a window is closed. Consequently COGENT can eat all the system resources. Some recent changes to COGENT should have reduced this problem, but we believe it is mostly due to a bug in third party software. There isn't a great deal we can do about that apart from wait for an update...
  6. The contents of the OOS Trace window occasionally become corrupted. This only occurs after restarting OOS. It is difficult to replicate and of only minor inconvenience. Restarting OOS again will normally fix the problem.
  7. When editing a functor name (from within the condition editor), invalid characters in the functor name are correctly prohibited, but typing an invalid character still advances the cursor.
  8. Very occasionally OOS exists with "Error Code 1". This occurs after certain internal OOS errors. We believe that we have trapped all such errors, and that "Error Code 1" errors should no longer occur. If they do, restart OOS to resume running the model. If an "Error Code 1" error persists, please let us know.
  9. Printing in HTML format and "webifying" a model do not generate images for the HTML that is produced. For example, an HTML printout of a model should include a bitmap or gif image of the box and arrow diagram, but it doesn't.
  10. Some popup transient windows (e.g., confirmation windows) can be hidden by dragging other COGENT windows over them. This shouldn't be possible -- such windows should remain "on top" of the window to which they relate. Some do, some don't. This inconsistency should be fixed.
  11. Problems may arise when saving a model if there isn't enough space to save on the disk (e.g., the user's disk quota is exceeded or if the disk is full). The model will probably be corrupted. This is not nice.

Many of the above bugs are addressed in COGENT Version 2.3

Bugs in Version 2.2 #2 fixed in Version 2.2 #3

  1. The "Demote" menu (available on the box and arrow canvas when a box is clicked on) now excludes the name of the box being demoted (so you can't even try to demote a box into itelf).
  2. Slightly better placement of the vertical axis label on graphs.
  3. Previously the replace function was not replacing items within ignored rules, condition definitions, etc. This has now been fixed.
  4. It is no longer possible to set a font size of zero, or a grid size of zero. (Both are silly things to do, but previously setting the grid size to zero would cause COGENT to crash.)
  5. Fixed potentially fatal error relating to undo/redo of editing commands involving arrows to/from boxes that are "external" to a box and arrow diagram. At best, undo of such a command simply failed. At worst it caused COGENT to crash. Also, if undo/redo fails for some reason, the offending command is removed from the undo/redo list, allow earlier commands on the undo/redo list to be accessed.
  6. Arrow bookkeeping when pasting boxes back onto a canvas has been greatly improved. Previously malformed arrows were generated in certain circumstances. This should be fixed (but the code is pretty complex, and bugs could still be lurking).
  7. Connectivity checking has been revised further to correctly handle arrows between boxes that are embeded in chains of compound boxes. At the same time, the information presented in connectivity view has been extended to include the diagram or canvas on which any missing arrows should be drawn.
  8. The Diagrammatic History canvas allows registered users to alter the history diagram by changing the "parent" of a model. Setting a model's parent to "None" was causing a crash. This has now been fixed.
  9. The confirmation option for model deletion was being ignored, so even if confirmation was set COGENT would still delete without seeking confirmation.
  10. A couple of editing functions (find term and locate singleton variabless) provide a list of box elements and allow the user to click on one to open the relevant window at the selected element. Previously, scrolling to the selected element only worked if the window was already open. If it was closed, selecting an element just opened the window containing the element. This is now fixed: selecting an element now pops up the right window at the right place.
  11. Several oversights in the code for displaying the properties of a box on its parent's properties panel have been discovered and fixed. Now, when a box is cut, pasted or its class is changed, or when it is edited and then reloaded, the properties panel of the box's parent (and its parent's parents, etc.) is reset, to ensure that it remains in sync with the properties of the box.
  12. A minor printing bug was introduced in Version 2.2 #2. If the LaTeX output format was chosen, the LaTeX generated for formatting properties was incorrect. This has been fixed.
  13. The printing option Print new box on new page was being ignored by all printing formats except PostScript. This wasn't sensible. It is now checked by all printing formats except HTML (which doesn't allow page feeds).

Bugs in Version 2.2 #1 fixed in Version 2.2 #2

  1. Improved updating of dynamic canvases following (re)initialisation. Previously reinitialisation didn't always force redrawing of dynamic canvases, as it clearly should have!
  2. Fixed a minor bug in undo/redo which meant that, while edits to enumerated properties could be undone/redone, the results of such edits were not properly displayed on the Properties page.
  3. OOS preferences are available both on page of the OOS window and a page of the Preferences window. Setting them on either page did set the preference but did not alter the value shown on the other window. So the pages could become inconsistent with the actual values of the preferences. This minor bug has now been fixed.
  4. Previously, the directory chooser (used for setting preferences) did not always open with the currently selected directory visible in the scrolled window (as reported by RC on Jun 1, 2001). This has now been fixed.

Bugs in Version 2.2 #0 fixed in Version 2.2 #1

  1. Fixed a serious bug which was preventing save of buffer contents and mapping rules. It is unclear when this bug entered the code.

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