Known Bugs in Version 2.1

  1. When running under Microsoft Windows, system resources are not released properly when a window is closed. We believe this may be a problem in thrid party software that we are using. We're looking into it. To avoid the problem, monitor resource usage (using the Resource Meter available for windows), and exit/restart COGENT if resources fall to below 25%.
  2. Occasionally OOS (the execution engine) exits with an error code 1. We're looking into this. To fix the problem, choose *Restart* from the *Run* menu. This should start a new OOS session.
  3. Occasionally the OOS trace may be over-written (e.g., after a division by zero error) Hopefully this is a minor problem. We are having problems with the OOS trace window. Please bear with us.
  4. COGENT may crash when running a model if the model generates large current state files. This bug is very rare, and we had thought it was fixed ... back to the drawing board!
  5. Restarting OOS can mess up the OOS trace window. We're looking into this. There is no simple fix, but the information in that window isn't too important. If you really need to see it close and reopen the model.
  6. Copying/renaming a project generally results in a corrupt history display. It safest to avoid using the copy/rename facilities for the time being. Instead, use the windows explorer or plain file management routines to copy and rename projects from within your research programme/project folder. Corrupt histories can be fixed, by using a plain text editor to remove duplicate lines in the project's "history" file. Don't do this unless you know what you are doing. This bug is fixed in Version 2.2.
  7. COGENT will crash if the user selects a font (in the preferences panel) that is not available.
  8. Printing of the project history window doesn't work as intended -- the scaling is wrong.
  9. There are numerous small formatting bugs in various print routines (mostly relating to printing under Windows).
  10. There's a problem in printing a box by right-clicking on the box and selecting the "Print" option. Nothing happens!
  11. There's a problem in responding to double clicks on some regions of diagram canvases (specifically on some external objects within compound boxes).
  12. Archive browser interaction between setting of project directory and archive extraction is broken -- COGENT fails to set the project directory at the right time.
  13. Scrolling of the OOS output window is not possible, when it should be!
  14. Copying a box is not copying the box's display rules.
  15. There's a problem in re-instanting arrows to/from boxes following cutting to and pasting from the clipboard.
  16. Irrelevant GTK+ warnings occur when recovering edits of object names.
  17. There's an error in help documentation concerning making graphs with filled bars/markers.
  18. Many help files are out of date. Some date back to version 1.09!

Many of the above bugs are addressed in COGENT Version 2.2

Bugs in Version 2.1 b4 fixed in Version 2.1

  1. Fix to display of floating point numbers in current state windows: Internal float_ext/3 constructions are now converted to a standard floating point representation for output.
  2. Fix to research programme renaming: The ":" character is now prohibited from appearing in research programme names. UNIX doesn't mind the ":", but Windows does. For compatibility it is now banned in both! (Existing research programme names will not be affected.)
  3. Fix to research programme renaming from the archive browser: Previously COGENT could crash if the archive browser was used to rename a research programme when no research programme was open in the main COGENT window.

Bugs in Version 2.1 b3 fixed in Version 2.1 b4

  1. Fix to bug in project renaming/copying, whereby the contents of the history window could be corrupted.
  2. Fix to location reported by syntax error routines used when importing rules etc. to a canvas. (Reported by RC on Jan 24, 1999.) Previously the location reported (line count and character count) were incorrect. (The import function is only available to registered users.)
  3. Fix to bug in setting the position of the first node in a research programme (in the professional edition only), whereby such nodes could be drawn on the history canvas but not accessed by mouse clicks.
  4. Fix to bug with very old-style data sinks: the auto-update code has been fixed to ensure that data sinks created with version 1 function sensibly.

Bugs in Version 2.1 b2 fixed in Version 2.1 b3

  1. Fix to two potentially serious bugs (introduced in V2.1 b0) in the function for setting the project folder/directory. Most seriously, setting the project directory would correctly display the research programmes in the selected folder, but those research programmes could not be opened. Furthermore, if a research programme was open when the folder was set, COGENT would crash.

Bugs in Version 2.1 b1 fixed in Version 2.1 b2

  1. Fix to minor bug in font selection. Previously, if the user began to select a font, then pressed the "Set" button on the font selector without actually selecting a font, COGENT would issue a GTK warning. This no longer happens. Instead COGENT reverts to the previous font.
  2. Fix to potentially serious bug in arithmetic "power" function (in which arguments were incorrectly ordered).
  3. Fix to bug in use of display rules (attached to buffer). Rules were being created as normal process rules (instead of display rules).
  4. The OOS error reporting facility only reports the first line of an error in the popup warning window, while the full error message is available in the Run/Script subwindow. Version 2.1b2 and later report OOS errors more fully in popup warning windows.

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