Known Bugs in Version 2 b2

  1. Bug in Win32 version: help facilities are inaccessible whenever a model is open. This bug can leave Windows frozen and require a system reboot. It is therefore pretty severe.
  2. Bug in highlight following use of find. This is bug can mean the information on a window is temporarily incorrect, but is otherwise relatively minor.
  3. Printing of quoted atoms in LaTeX format omits the quotes!
  4. A bug in the preference code prevents recall of the setting of "Print in LaTeX format" (which degaults to "Print in PostScript format"). This also affected "Print in Win32 format".
  5. A bug in preference code means that the print directory is saved when the file locations are displayed, instead of when the print preferences are being displayed.
  6. A bug in handling the "Exit Program" option on error dialogues means that COGENT doesn't always exit immediately when the option is selected (and consequently more questions may be asked before COGENT exits).
  7. A bug in cut/paste means that it isn't possible to cut/past boxes between models.

Many of the above bugs are addressed in COGENT Version 2.1

Bugs in Version 2 b1 fixed in Version 2 b2

  1. Model description windows are neither loaded nor saved!
  2. Script saving/discarding doesn't work as expected. Discarding script edits doesn't discard the edits!
  3. Problems occur when the "Continue editing" option is chosen after attempting to close a window.
  4. The default Help URL for Windows is incorrect.

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