COGENT Model Archive
Models for use with COGENT Version 2.X on UNIX, Mac OS X and Windows

This page contains links to miscellaneous models developed within COGENT Version 2.X. The models are presented as within research programmes as downloadable COGENT archives. They are given in two formats: the CAR format (COGENT's own non-compressed format), and the TGZ format (a UNIX-derived format that is compressed). If you are using COGENT on Windows, you must use the CAR format. If you are using COGENT on UNIX or Mac OS X you can use either format.

The version of COGENT used to create each archive is given alongside the archive. As a general rule, a later version of COGENT (e.g., Version 2.2) will open any archive created by an earlier version (e.g., Version 2.0). If you have trouble opening an individual archive, please ensure that you have an appropriate version of COGENT.

Note also that all models developed and explored within Modelling High-Level Cognitive Processes may be used with COGENT Version 2.1 or later.

The models

Cell Division (1998; COGENT Version 2.1) (Sutton)
A Life-like simulation of a cell culture.
CAR format version (24KB) TGZ format version (6KB)

Euler Circles (1998; COGENT Version 2.1) (Yule)
Syllogistic reasoning, using Euler Circles (based on Stenning & Yule 1997).
CAR format version (28KB) TGZ format (7KB)

Medical Diagnosis Task (1998; COGENT Version 2.1) (Fox/Cooper/Yule)
Bayesian and Hypothesis Testing models of expert performance in the Medical Diagnosis Task (cf. Fox, 1980; Yule, Cooper & Fox, 1998).
CAR format version (1148KB) TGZ format (46KB)

Mental Models (1998; COGENT Version 2.1) (Yule)
Syllogistic reasoning with mental models, basically in the style of Johnson-Laird, pre-1990.
CAR format version (504KB) TGZ format (35KB)

Mental Rotation (1998; COGENT Version 2.1) (Yule)
A model of 2D mental rotation.
CAR format version (62KB) TGZ format (14KB)

Missionaries and Cannibals (1998; COGENT Version 2.1) (Cooper)
A version of the Missionaries and Cannibals problem.
CAR format version (29KB) TGZ format (9KB)

Serial position effects in free recall (1998; COGENT Version 2.1) (Yule)
A two-store model of human memory, based on Atkinson & Shiffrin's "Modal Model", which generates recency and primacy effects.
CAR format version (51KB) TGZ format (12KB)

Subtraction (1998; COGENT Version 2.1) (Young/Cooper)
A COGENT implementation of a production system applied to the Young & O'Shea model of multi-column subtraction.
CAR format version (65KB) TGZ format (18KB)

Towers of Hanoi (1998; COGENT Version 2.1) (Cooper)
A version of the Towers of Hanoi problem.
CAR format version (15KB) TGZ format (5KB)

Installing the models

  1. Download the relevant archive and save it in your archive directory (e.g., by right-clicking on the link and selecting "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As..." and then specifying your archive directory as the location of the save command).
  2. Start up COGENT and select "Archives..." from the top menu bar. The downloaded file should appear on the right panel of the archive browser.
  3. Select the file and click on the "<< Extract <<" button.
  4. Close the archive browser and the downloaded archive should appear as a new research programme in COGENT's list of research programmes

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